He was already a superstar when he was still in his mother's womb. Firstly, because his mother herself was a superstar, and secondly, because another superstar who was famous for fortune-telling predicted that he would become the most super superstar in history.

In order to have a sensational start, a hundred-person marketing team that had already been formed before his birth planned a world-famous event called "The Arrival of the Superstar" and broadcasted his birth process live. The live broadcast started half a month before the due date. His mother lived in a mansion filled with cameras, and every move was broadcasted to the world through webcams. As the due date approached, more and more people watched the live broadcast, and even an economic phenomenon known as the "birth of the superstar industry" emerged, creating hundreds of thousands of job opportunities.

He was born in the garden of the mansion, which was, of course, a pre-planned "accident" because giving birth in a monotonous delivery room was not as interesting as a natural birth in the garden.

This was an unprecedented social media frenzy. #thebirth became the most popular hashtag in history. At its peak, half of the people on Earth were watching the live broadcast from different cameras or camera angles. The popularity skyrocketed when the mother's contractions accelerated. Just as the medical staff was about to move the expectant mother to a well-equipped delivery room, a "accidental situation" occurred where the pipes burst and the delivery room roof leaked. As a result, the delivery site was moved to the garden. With the help of world-class medical staff, the delivery process went very smoothly. People watched as his head emerged from the birth canal, followed by his entire head, and finally his body and legs. People were moved to tears by his first cry, and they were excited to witness the birth of a super superstar. From that moment on and for a long time afterwards, he was the most loved person in the world.

Like almost every other baby in the world, he began to grow. When he was two months old, he appeared in his first advertisement and received a large sum of money and an endless supply of diapers. When he was ten months old, he said his first word, "Duo Duo". That was the name of his family's black pet dog, which always liked to be by his side. The next day, he started practicing walking and fell several times, each time causing a gasp around the world.

Gradually, he grew into a handsome young man and began to show artistic talents in music, acting, dancing, and painting. No one doubted that he would indeed grow into a super superstar, and he did not disappoint anyone's expectations.

At the age of four, he released his first album, "Truth".

At the age of six, he released his second album, "Purity".

At the age of seven, he became the youngest ever winner of a major film award for his outstanding performance in "The Legend of Nezha".

At the age of nine, his third album, "Youth", broke the world record for first-week and first-month sales. That same year, he also played his first villain role, the Red Boy, and unsurprisingly won the Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Horse Awards.

During the summer vacation when he was ten years old, he sketched a simplified version of the painting "Along the River During the Qingming Festival" with equal proportions. Ten years later, this work sold for 1 billion US dollars.

At the age of eleven, he became the youngest space tourist and performed weightless spacewalks on Blue Origin's spacecraft. That same year, his fourth album, "Growth", was released.

At the age of twelve, his first English song album, "Dream&Dream", broke his previous records for first-week and first-month sales.

At the age of thirteen, he released his own cryptocurrency and raised the equivalent of 72,000 bitcoins at the time.

At the age of fourteen, he had his first romantic relationship with the leading actress in the pure love movie "Only You Understand". Their relationship lasted for three months.

At the age of fifteen, his new album, "Free Multiverse", was taken down from shelves after just 6 hours, and he was banned from performing for six months.

At the age of sixteen, his new album, "Love Stories of This Era", once again broke records.

At the age of seventeen, his first poetry collection, "Me and You", was published and sparked a new wave of poetry writing.

At the age of eighteen, he was criticized and warned for inappropriate political remarks and was banned from performing for three months. He was then banned for another year for violating the ban by releasing the single "Destruction and Rebirth".

At the age of nineteen, the tokens he issued were ruled illegal by the Supreme Court and became worthless. He publicly apologized at a press conference after the ban was lifted.

At the age of twenty, he released a new album, "Me", and almost broke sales records again.

At the age of twenty-one, he completed his first world tour.

At the age of twenty-two, he declared that he would overthrow the government and then disappeared without a trace, as if he had never existed.

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