1.Falling birth rate not due to less desire to have children 出生率下降的原因并不是人们生育意愿下降。就算有些人选择不生孩子,也不会对整体生育率产生实质性影响。影响更大的因素是经济和社会因素 —— 让想生孩子的人不敢生才是症结。

2.China Now Includes its CBDC in its Cash Circulation Statistics 现在中国把数字人民币流通情况纳入现金流通数据统计中了。据人民银行公布的 2022 年金融数据报告:Starting from December 2022, e-CNY in circulation has been included in the amount of currency in circulation (M0). At end-December, e-CNY in circulation stood at RMB13.61 billion.

3.'Rick and Morty' Creator Justin Roiland Charged With Battery 这个标题很有意思,一开始我以为是用电池充电,然后发现是被控以殴打罪。不过别慌,这事儿多半不会影响到《瑞克与莫蒂》的制作。

4.Elon Breaks Guinness World Record for Losing Most Personal Wealth 马斯克打破个人财富损失最多的世界纪录:自 2021 年 11 月以来共损失 1820 亿美元。之前的记录保持者是孙正义,数据为 586 亿美元。

5.Aggressiveness of pet dogs is influenced by life history and owner's characteristics, study suggests 宠物狗的攻击性与狗狗的生活经历、生活方式以及主人性格有关。这个听起来好像理所当然,不过举的例子很有意思:Dogs walked every day by their owners are less aggressive. Dogs owned by women bark less at strangers. Heavier dogs tend to be less disobedient than lighter pets. Pugs, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus and other short-snouted breeds may be more badly behaved than medium- and long-snouted dogs, such as Golden Retrievers or the caramel-colored mixed-breed dogs popular in Brazil.

6.A Guide to Alien Terms Useful in the Human Diaspora 学两个外星语词汇吧。

7.自媒体行业,年底了晒晒收入,感谢这个时代 。爱国自媒体割韭菜指南。

8.SatanCon 2023 呃,这个好像是撒旦教或者说恶魔教的聚会,举办方是一个名为 The Satanic Temple 的组织,其要求参与者在参加聚会时全程佩戴适当口罩并出示新冠疫苗接种证明。哈哈,挺有趣。我在知乎看到一篇相关的文章《社会精神的越轨 | Satanic Temple 的躯体行为》。

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