The sun, which would not set for another three months, crawled across the sky, casting a shallow layer of golden light on the snow. The golden hue made Xun Shengyi feel a bit dizzy. He stopped and pressed the second button on the panel on his left arm. The dog-shaped robot, two meters away from him, ran over and crouched down. Xun Shengyi sat on it, intending to take a rest.

Ida turned around and waved her hand. Her hurried breathing in the earphones turned into a reproachful voice, "You just rested an hour ago, get up and walk!" She had been studying Chinese for two years, but she still didn't speak it well enough. Her robot dog also stopped and stood next to her.

"Take a break, I'm too tired." Xun Shengyi patted the robot dog's head and commanded, "Raise it a little higher."

"I rarely talk to you!" Ida stomped her foot and turned to continue walking.

Xun Shengyi stretched his legs and stood up, "Wait for me." Then he saw Ida cover her face and crouch down. "What's wrong, are you crying?" Xun Shengyi shook his head. This Spanish woman always came up with something unexpected. Just half a month ago, she heard that hiking in Antarctica could strengthen the bond between couples, so she forcefully dragged him to this barren land.

Ida looked at her hand - although her nose hurt, there was no blood. She stood up and reached out her trembling hand in panic and confusion - there was indeed a wall there! An invisible wall or something else!

"Ah!" Ida exclaimed and took a step back.

Xun Shengyi covered his ears, the sound waves from the radio and the air combined, startling him. "What's wrong now?"

Xun Shengyi walked over to Ida and saw her looking around, reaching out her hand to touch something, her movements were just like when she was doing virtual reality animation in her own studio, except she wasn't wearing a headset now. Before Xun Shengyi could ask, Ida asked him first, "What do you see here?"

Xun Shengyi looked ahead, then left and right. Just as he was about to say "I don't see anything," he saw it.

There was a round shape on the snow surface that already looked quite smooth. Xun Shengyi estimated with his eyes as an automatic mechanical engineer that the diameter of this circle was about fifteen meters - there must have been a huge but not heavy circular object placed here!

Xun Shengyi felt surprised and looked around again, but apart from themselves, there were no traces of any human beings around. "Strange." He nodded at the dot, "It's really round, doesn't look natural."

"Touch it, even stranger." Ida looked at Xun Shengyi with wide eyes, the last time she made this expression was when he suggested finding another man to have a threesome with - fortunately, she agreed later.

Xun Shengyi reached out and touched the hard object! "This round thing is still here!" He showed the most surprised expression he had ever had. He reached up, but it was beyond his reach, and no matter how hard he concentrated, he couldn't see any trace of it, only a few strands of white clouds in the blue sky behind him.

"Beep beep beep..." His robot dog bumped into this transparent object and sounded the alarm, it seemed that the dog's laser radar, ultrasonic sensor, and infrared sensor couldn't detect it. Then, the robot dog walked over to Ida's robot dog, they stared at this transparent object for a while, and then ran towards the direction of the sun.

"What's going on!" Xun Shengyi looked at the backs of the two robots running at high speed and found that the sun was particularly dazzling - his smart goggles had stopped working! In fact, all their electronic devices had malfunctioned!

Eleven days later, the search team found their frozen bodies in the depths of the Maud Queen's Land, a few hundred meters away from a very smooth, flattened circular snow surface. A new unsolved mystery was born, although some people firmly believed that this was some kind of occult performance art.

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