Encounter Love and Monsters around the Corner

There are many corners in the world, such as the corners of buildings, street corners, and the turning points in life. Due to walls or other things, we don't always know what we will encounter after turning a corner. Therefore, when I come across such a corner, I can't help but imagine what might happen.

Will I see coins dropped by someone on the ground? Will I come across a mysterious USB drive that will start an amazing journey? Will a quirky girl bump into me and start a earth-shattering love story? Will I step into a different world and never return? Will I suddenly forget my past and become someone unimaginable? Will I witness a miracle?...

But the imagined situations never happen, and everything remains predictable after turning a corner. Until that day, when I met her.

She didn't bump into my chest as I had imagined, but I bumped into her and was bounced back by her elastic breasts, falling on my back.

She was at least two meters tall, squinting at me with a disdainful look, making me feel the urge to hold her accountable.

"Watch where you're going!" I complained, although I knew it was probably my fault—I was immersed in my own imagination and ignored the reality.

"Human, weak," she replied, her expression emotionless, like a god who didn't care about the fate of humans.

A goddess.

At that moment, I also realized that this tall woman in front of me had a divine face. I also remembered the elasticity and firmness I felt when my face collided with her breasts earlier. I looked at her in astonishment, and her incredible beauty aroused my masculine instincts, making my lower abdomen and face warm.

"And you're also perverted," she added.

Obviously, she saw through my thoughts, which surprised me. I thought I at least appeared serious from the outside. "No," I replied, lacking confidence, because in the face of such beauty, I couldn't possibly maintain any confidence.

"Move aside!" she said, using a commanding tone.

I don't know where my sudden courage and sense of humor came from, but I jokingly said to her, "If you knock me down, you have to take responsibility."

"What?" she looked surprised, but it was just a different charming way of expressing it.

"At least let me treat you to a meal," I felt my heartbeat reach its limit, and I even started to have difficulty breathing—could I really fall in love with this giant beauty? And I'm not even 1.7 meters tall!

"You humans are strange," she said, releasing a smile.

That smile could make you believe that at some point in someone's life, God will give them an invaluable gift. I had no doubt that this was my moment. I responded with a silly smile.

"Do you know why I'm here?" she resumed her serious expression, but there was no need for further explanation, it was still suffocating.

"No matter what your original purpose was, fate has brought you to me. I think this is destiny," I swore that I had never said such words to anyone anywhere before, but at that moment, I felt like a love expert. I even felt proud of myself, as if I had truly grown up at that moment.

"I came to invade Earth," she frowned, obviously not wanting to do it.

"What?" it was my turn to say that.

"It's a mandatory practical course," she said, "I chose the wrong major."

"You're still in college?" at a critical moment when Earth was about to be invaded, I asked such an irrelevant question.

"Yes," she nodded, her frown deepening.

At this street corner in Chengdu, I began to worry about another person. "I know a hot pot restaurant, their soup base is very fragrant. Maybe..." I hesitated for a moment, "maybe having a hot pot meal can make you forget your troubles for a while."

"Maybe," she said, her eyes no longer filled with disdain, "I'm not in a hurry anyway."

Of course, I couldn't say that it was my charm that captivated her, or that it was because of the "amazing" hot pot she mentioned. Perhaps it was more likely due to the coincidence of turning a corner. In any case, we moved in together. Her elastic and soft breasts intoxicated me every night. We explored and practiced various positions, especially those positions suitable for tall women and short men that were mentioned online. For example, she pressed herself against me, covering my face with her warm and soft breasts, creating intermittent brain hypoxia and unique pleasure, making me feel like I was merging with her body.

We celebrated being together for two months at a Xinjiang restaurant. Somehow, the taste of the big plate chicken suddenly gave me the urge to propose in the most cliché way possible. I took out my keychain and started removing the lock-picking tools, intending to use the stainless steel ring that was obviously too big for the ring finger as part of my plan. I knew she wouldn't mind that it wasn't a custom-made diamond ring that fit perfectly in every aspect.

"Do you remember?" she suddenly said, interrupting my plan, "I came to invade Earth."

"What?" I asked, and then remembered that she had indeed said something like that when we first met, but I thought it was just a sarcastic joke, and besides, I couldn't think much in the face of such a love encounter.

"I came to invade Earth," she said with a melancholic look, "I don't have much time left."

"Then invade Earth," I wanted to make her happy, "you have already conquered me, so you can definitely conquer Earth."

"I don't need to conquer Earth, I just need to destroy a city."

"Then let it be here," I reached out to hold her hand, "I love you, no matter what you do, I love you." I knew I meant it.

"I know," she squeezed out a smile, "I love you too."

She wiped her mouth with a tissue, then suddenly stood up. I thought she was going to propose to me first—I knew she was capable of doing that.

She took a step towards me, making my heart race. Is it starting? I'm ready.

She bent down and hugged me, making me feel warm inside and out.

And then the transformation began.

My tall girlfriend, who was sometimes aloof, sometimes passionate, sometimes gentle, sometimes crazy, sometimes whimsical, sometimes sentimental, sometimes cute and silly, sometimes enchanting and seductive, began to expand into a colossal monster. Her solid and hardened shell pierced through concrete buildings, causing bloodshed and death, and inciting fear and panic. I heard screams and cries, the uncontrollable manifestations of despair.

She held my left hand, which became hard and cold, and carefully placed me under her throat to protect me from falling debris. But the damage had already begun from within. I knew my face was filled with fear, but I didn't scream because it wasn't my instinctive reaction to fear. I was petrified.

The monster broke through a six-story shopping mall and continued to rise. I stared at her throat, which I had licked before. It used to be soft and delicate skin, but now it was rough and hard like a rocky wasteland.

I loved her.

And then I realized that such thoughts had the power to suppress fear.

"Ling!" I shouted her name, but quickly realized that she couldn't possibly hear my voice amidst the noise of the disaster. But she was a monster, maybe she could hear.

"Ling!" I shouted louder.

Suddenly, the sky was filled with a white light, enveloping the monster and me sitting quietly by the lake. The monster dimmed and became translucent in this light, eventually becoming a memory that most people would describe as a "disaster."

I was arrested and confessed everything I remembered or thought I remembered.

The court eventually declared me innocent, but I was still considered a traitor to humanity. The United Nations Monster Response Organization offered me a position as a "special advisor" to develop weapons to kill monsters. Naturally, I cooperated fully, and maybe I will see her again. I think next time, I will probably stand on the side of humanity, but I will still tell her that I love her.

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