The World is Fucked

甲: How do you think about the world?

A: It's fucked!

甲: How about you?

B: It's fucked!

甲: And you?

C: It's fucked!

甲: Your opinion?

D: It's fucked!

甲: Your thoughts?

E: It's fucked!

甲: Do you have any different thoughts?

F: No, it's fucked!

甲: And you think so?

G: Yes, it's fucked!

甲: You?

H: It's fucked!

甲: You too?

I: It's fucked!

甲: I guess I've already known what you would say.

J: It's fucked!

甲: Of course, you must think the same way.

K: It's definitely fucked!

甲: I know, everyone has been in a rough time recently, the virus, the pandemic, the economy, the chaos, and the always politics, but is there any different thoughts other than it's fucked?

L: No, at least I don't have any. It's fucked for sure.

甲: OK, maybe I asked the wrong question. Do you think is there any POSITIVE ... things in the world?

M: The fucked world? No.

甲: Fine, that's really discouraging. Let's interview a child. The world in the eyes of a child is always better than that of an adult. Hey, young man, do you love the wonderful world?

N: No, I don't love the f**ed world, and FYI I am a girl.

甲: I'm sorry. I didn't expect that. What's wrong with these people?

O: The reason is simple: the world is fucked.

甲: But why do you think so? Can you show me a specific example?

P: What you are looking at is the exact example of the fucked world.

甲: When I was a child, I loved and appreciated everything I had and everyone I met. They were great and I thought they must sacrifice something to be here for me. Then I grew up, involuntarily and un-self-awarely, like an orange with scars that can't avoid rotting. I became one of the mediocre, an ordinary man, a piece of shit. I saw no future for myself. I just lived every day even without realizing I was getting older. But I knew, some parts of me were dying and when they died, they died forever. I became increasingly numb and no stories or news can touch me anymore. I don't even care if the world is going to end anymore or maybe I can say I even wish that happen. In the past, I always thought that it was my problem, but now I think I got another reason...

Q: The world is fucked.

甲: Yes, some people are fucking the world. With their fuckingism, they are torturing other people and themselves by trying to build their own version of a perfect world.

R: The fucked world.

甲: Yes, nobody succeeded. I wonder if there will be anyone who succeeds. They simply fucked the world and made it increasingly unsuitable for modern kids, because when they grow up they tend to fuck the world even further. They are educated to do so.

S: The fucked world is hopeless.

甲: When someone says hope, they are lying. And the reason ... mostly money. They want your fucking money and you want theirs so you can buy a better fucking dumb smartphone. And the interview? It also just for money, nothing else. I don't care about the truth if there is anyone. All things are relative now.

T: A symptom of the world being fucked.

甲: Yes, a symptom. But what is the disease? Is it the lagging of human wisdom behind the development of technologies? Is it the barbarism that still plagues human beings? Will humans evolve to a better version after the current shit? I don't know. I think it will happen. Humans will be better eventually, but it still can't change the fact that I am living in shit. You know what lives in a shit, maggots. There are so many maggots. They eat shit and shit more shit.

U: It's a tragedy for us to be here in this time when the world is fucked so hard that everyone feels pain in the ass.

甲: The world is composed of every single one of us. The world is fucked, so are we.

V: It's fucked! FUCK!

甲: FUCK!

W: You said just I want to say about the fucked world.

甲: It doesn't matter anymore, right? We won't do anything to improve the fucked world. We'll just wait until the world changes itself somehow. Or maybe, the future generations will transform it actively, though none of them will be my descendant. I won't have kids. I don't deserve them.

X: Kids don't fit the fucked world.

甲: But they will adapt. They always adapt. Or they kill themselves. Either way, things keep going.

Y: A keep-going on fucked world is still a fucked world.

甲: True, and the pointless interview should stop now. It seems you haven't said anything yet. Any last comment about the world?

Z: It's fucked.

甲: In conclusion, the world is fucked.

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