An interesting new project.

Here we go again, frustrated! It seems that occasionally a good idea pops up in my mind, but in practice, it often doesn't turn out as expected, and I even tend to give up halfway. However, even knowing this, I can't stop the emergence of these new ideas and the sense of self-satisfaction. Now, I have a new plan. (Actually, it's not really new, I've had this idea vaguely for a few months.)

To put it simply, this plan is to create a novel using the NFTs I've collected.

No need to hide it, I already have a considerable number of NFTs, most of which are Cardano NFTs, and a few Ethereum NFTs - but due to the high cost of trading Ethereum NFTs, I no longer pay attention to NFTs on this blockchain platform.

Roughly speaking, there are some advantages to using NFT characters to create a novel:

  1. Ready-made settings to use. Many NFT projects have very distinctive character designs, which are suitable for creating characters.
  2. Illustrations with my own copyright. I can insert these NFT images into the novel as illustrations without worrying about copyright issues.
  3. Community effect. Some NFT projects have passionate communities, making it easier for the novel to attract readers and gain promotion. (Unfortunately, I can only write in Chinese at the moment, while the NFT community mainly uses English.)
  4. If possible, the author can even turn the novel itself into an NFT for sale. (But my project won't do that.)

My plan is to write a short science fiction novel. I already have a simple outline, and it will probably involve NFTs from multiple projects, including at least Spacebudz and Baby Alien Club - indicating that the story will take place in outer space. I'm also considering the possibility of incorporating other NFT projects, such as using them as environmental backgrounds or featuring them in the story's game.

It's hard to say what results I will achieve at the moment, and this might just be another plan that ends halfway. But saying this is probably just a way for me to pave the way for my future inaction, and it doesn't really matter since no one cares anyway.

Anyway, the words have been spoken, let's get to work.

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