How to qualify for the MilkySwap airdrop?

The EVM sidechain of Cardano, Milkomeda, has launched its mainnet, and its DEX, MilkySwap, is currently running an early user airdrop program. Users who use the platform between March 18th and April 4th will be eligible for an airdrop of an unspecified amount.

So, how can we become users and qualify for the airdrop? There are two key configuration steps: setting up a wallet and transferring ADA across chains.

Step 1: Create a wallet on the Milkomeda chain#

Since Milkomeda is an EVM chain, you can use the Metamask wallet (preferably the desktop version).

First, open Metamask and click on the network name to expand the dropdown menu, then add a network.


Then, fill in the following parameters as shown in the image and save:


Network Name: Milkomeda Cardano (C1)


Chain ID: 2001

Currency Symbol: MilkADA

Blockchain Explorer (optional):

Once created, you will have a wallet on the Milkomeda chain, and you will see that its address is identical to your Ethereum wallet address.

Step 2: Transfer ADA from the Cardano mainnet to the Milkomeda chain#

Milkomeda is a sidechain of Cardano and does not have its own native token. Instead, it uses ADA as the token. To use the service, you need to transfer ADA from the Cardano chain to the Milkomeda chain. Currently, the only wallets that support this operation are Flint and Nami.

Here, we will use Nami as an example.

First, make sure that your Nami wallet has ADA. You can transfer ADA from other wallets or exchanges like Binance to your Nami wallet.

Then, when sending tokens from your Nami wallet, enter the Metamask wallet address. This will automatically switch to Milkomeda mode, and the ADA will be sent directly to the Milkomeda chain. However, be careful not to send other tokens, as Milkomeda currently does not support cross-chain transfers of other currencies.


After completing the operation, wait a few minutes for the ADA to arrive in your Metamask wallet.

Finally, go to MilkySwap, authorize the transaction, and make a few trades. You should then qualify for the airdrop, although the exact amount of the airdrop is still unknown.

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