Great victory and human tragedy

After taking a shower and sitting naked on the bed, I thought about writing a poem that came to mind while showering. Its title should be "Great Victory and Human Tragedy." This title came from a sentence I thought of during a casual conversation in a WeChat group: "In the coming years, they will move from one victory to another, while most of us can only move from one tragedy to another."

At first glance, this sentence seems to contain some deep meaning, but upon further reflection, it ultimately has no meaning, as they are always in victory, and tragedies always occur, not just in the future.

Tragedies not only happen but also get covered up and forgotten, becoming a norm. This top-down norm has divided our society, creating a cognitive barrier that separates hope from despair. There is definitely no middle ground between the two - once you know, there is only the path of despair, with no possibility of self-salvation. Because this path of despair is not paved by emotions, it is a kind of brain or mental illness, built on reason, facts, and logic. You can use medication or some form of psychological intervention to treat or at least alleviate emotional distress, but for despair that originates from reason, perhaps only a significant change in the environment can bring a glimmer of hope.

The poem goes:

It was a celebration dedicated to greatness
Revered on a morning when the red sun rises in the east
Like a sacrifice
Sacrifice is the truth of everything
Mixed with the blood of the people
In the cheers of the people

  • Lamentation has been filtered out on the grounds of "violating relevant laws and regulations"
    Welcome the victory
    Tragedies always exist
    But the great ones have the power to make people obey
  • Not convinced
    Making people accept that tragedies are temporary
  • Not believing
    It is the price that can be accepted
    It is an optional footnote in the macroeconomy
    Or perhaps it is meant to be so
    It is a ruthless blow to hostile forces
    A just iron fist
    Falling on the knife handed to foreign forces
    Thus creating another great victory
    Congratulations and prosperity
    A bright future
    Worthy of another celebration
    Sing like a sea and a wave
    There is true love in the world
    And selfless love
    Where is the tragedy?
  • Dare not say.
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