Some NFT projects that I have envisioned.

As an investor in Cardano NFTs, after participating in various projects, I inevitably come up with some ideas of my own: what if I also create an NFT project? Occasionally, I have some "wild thoughts". However, since I don't understand the technology, I'm not skilled in art, and I don't have the ability to operate a team, these ideas only stay in the conceptual stage - at most, they may only appear in the stories I write.

As a result of my daily brainstorming, I will briefly describe several NFT projects that I envision below.

1 Flatland#

A metaverse project based on several shapes.

Phase 1: Issuance of rule-based geometric avatars. Rule-based avatars are synthesized through algorithms, such as triangles, rectangles, regular pentagons, regular hexagons... Their rarity can be defined based on factors like the number of sides and colors.

Phase 2: Issuance of irregular geometric avatars. Holders of rule-based avatars can draw their own irregular geometric avatars, which will be created by the team as NFTs and hold the same status as the rule-based avatars.

Phase 3: Building the Flatland metaverse and issuing maps.

Phase 4: Launching the Flatland metaverse gaming platform and continuously optimizing its development.

2 Sun Wukong#

The current NFT space is filled with various monkeys, but the most famous monkey in Chinese culture rarely gets a chance to appear. Consider creating a Sun Wukong series of NFTs. In my vision, this NFT series will encompass various stages of Sun Wukong's existence, including different forms, such as:

  • Born from a stone egg: Essentially a stone, perhaps shining with golden light.
  • Born stone monkey
  • Monkey playing in the forest
  • Handsome Monkey King
  • Apprentice
  • Bima Wen
  • Great Sage Equal to Heaven
  • Monkey under the Five-Finger Mountain
  • Sun Wukong
  • Victorious Fighting Buddha
  • ...

This NFT will have a very rich cultural background, but it also requires a talented and prolific artist to capture people's hearts, as it is not an easy task to draw a Sun Wukong that satisfies everyone.

Based on this concept, there are actually many Chinese cultural elements suitable for creating NFTs, such as characters from the Three Kingdoms period, Water Margin, and so on. And there are no copyright issues.

3 Wuxia World#

Until now, there haven't been any martial arts characters in the NFT space, which is both puzzling and regrettable. Just look at the artists in neighboring Japan, who have already turned samurai swords into common props for NFT projects!

To create a wuxia world, we need several classical aestheticians who are skilled in painting (conceptual works won't work no matter what). We also need a calligrapher and painter who will inscribe the titles for each martial arts character. Of course, each character only needs to be written once, and random combinations will suffice.

The titles of martial arts characters are divided into two parts: A+B.

Part A is used to describe the characteristics of the martial arts character, such as location, appearance, personality, etc. Part B is the weapon description, which can be divided into several versions. For example, if the weapon is X, it can be written as "Zhi X", "Kuai X", "X Ke", "X Xia", and so on.

As an example:

  • A includes: Lingnan, Northland, Arctic, East Sea, Mercury...
  • X includes: Knife, Gun, Sword, Staff, Spear, Halberd...

These can be randomly combined to form titles like "Northland Sword Expert", "Arctic Staff", "East Sea Quick Knife Expert", "Mercury Spear", and so on.

This NFT project will be a combination of painting and calligraphy art, and it will inevitably have higher costs.

This idea can also be expanded to include xianxia or cultivation worlds, among others.

4 Lies#

There is no doubt that this is an era full of lies. We have a large number of social elites who spout nonsense, especially in today's China.

Archiving and creating permanent NFTs of these lies is not only a satire of our society, but also a commemoration of the tragedy we are currently experiencing.

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