Some high-potential Cardano NFTs

The recent bear market over the past few months may have tested the patience of many cryptocurrency investors, but the overall negative sentiment in the market has had a smaller impact on the NFT market. Some high-quality or emerging projects continue to generate significant returns for early investors. Here, I will share some Cardano NFTs that I have high hopes for and provide my own ratings based on my intuition. This article aims to share personal opinions and will not discuss projects that I have not invested in or every investment I have made. The content does not constitute investment advice, please do your own research and invest rationally.

Avatar Projects#

Avatars are the most basic form of NFTs and the most numerous category on various blockchains. The value of avatar NFTs can be viewed differently by people inside and outside the industry. Based on my observations, the artistic and historical aspects of avatars are indeed important factors for valuation. However, in order to achieve long-term success, avatar NFT projects cannot rely solely on the avatars themselves. Community, team, and future planning are also crucial.

  1. Spacebudz ★★★★★: As the first 10K avatar project on the Cardano blockchain, Spacebudz is definitely a blue-chip NFT. Its creator is also a technical genius in Cardano smart contract development. According to a description on the Spacebudz website: "As a line of code revealed the yet unknown, something peculiar was about to happen in selected places on planet earth. Seemingly out of nowhere, the chosen ones would come together and embark on the biggest adventure of their lifetimes. Spacebudz holders would soon find out, but right now, they were still unaware, completely oblivious to their destiny." It seems like something is being planned for this project, but so far I haven't seen any specific news.

  2. Chilled Kongs ★★★★★: Due to the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club, ape-themed NFT projects have become a major trend in the industry. Chilled Kongs has also benefited greatly from this trend by ensuring sufficient innovation while catering to the aesthetic acceptance of the majority. I personally believe that the current price of Chilled Kongs is undervalued because the project will airdrop Magic Kongs to holders in July and August. There will be more value-added airdrops in the future.

  3. Clay Nation ★★★★★: To be honest, I didn't like this project at first because I felt that the avatar designs were not refined enough and some looked quite disgusting. However, clay animation is a unique category, and Clay Nation has taken the lead in this area with its distinctive style. It is worth noting that the project has also established a partnership with Snoop Dogg, gaining a valuable channel for promotion with significant traffic, which is of great value for the future development of the project. In addition, Clay Nation is planning to airdrop $Clay tokens to its avatar and metaverse NFT holders. This should provide considerable additional income for holders. The Clay series can be said to be the most outstanding series in the Cardano NFT ecosystem, with the trading volume of its three main NFT sets ranking second, eighth, and thirteenth among all projects.

  4. Yummi Universe ★★★★: Yummi Universe is currently in the process of token distribution through NFT staking, rather than the common method of airdrops. With a little research, it can be discovered that the project team is indeed a powerful one.

  5. Onboard Furbles ★★★: Unlike the projects mentioned above, this project has not yet experienced a significant surge, and its price has been in a downtrend. However, the project has its own unique style and future plans. Currently, the project is still in its early stages, and its future development is yet to be known.

  6. Disco Solaris ★★★: The price trend of this project is quite surprising. It is said to be a nostalgic-themed NFT project with a Western style from the 1980s. However, since I have never experienced that era in those countries, I cannot resonate with it. The vibrant color scheme does remind me of the once popular non-mainstream style, but there are still differences.

  7. Happy Hoppers ★★★: This is an NFT project where the team is working behind the scenes, but the price performance has not been good. Therefore, I believe it can provide a good opportunity for profit, as long as there are more reliable news (including new NFT airdrops and the metaverse). I have prepared some ADA budget to gradually accumulate this project. Ribbit ribbit.

  8. Goat Tribe ★★: They recently launched the $GRASS token. Overall, there aren't many highlights.

  9. Introverts ★★: Unique style, and they have quite a few activities.


Like avatar NFTs, there are also numerous metaverse projects on Cardano, and so far, all of them are still in the planning stage without any substantial achievements.

  1. Pavia ★★★★★: This should be the earliest metaverse project in the Cardano ecosystem. From what I've seen on Twitter, the project is progressing well and has previously conducted token and pet NFT airdrop events. Based on the progress so far, the designed metaverse should be a modern city with some elements of a virtual world. I expect the final product to be similar to the virtual world at the end of the movie "Ready Player One," although the early versions will certainly be much simpler than the movie scenes.

  2. Clayverse ★★★★★: This is the metaverse project of Clay Nation, and there will be a token airdrop in the near future. The final product is expected to be quite impressive.

Apart from these two, I also own some other metaverse NFTs, such as Unbounded Earth, Bitlands, and EIKONIKOS, but I haven't been following the progress of these projects, so I won't discuss them further.

Passports and Others#

Passports can be considered a real-world, practical application of NFTs, but currently, there are not many passport NFTs that truly connect to the real world. There are also equity-based NFTs and other utility-based NFTs.

  1. CNFTcon Pass ★★★★: In October of this year, CNFTcon will hold its first offline conference in Las Vegas (last year's first edition was held online and airdropped dozens of NFTs). If CNFTcon can establish itself as a successful NFT gathering, the CNFTcon Pass, as a permanent passport, will have high value. I expect there will also be airdrops during this year's conference.

  2. Rats DAO ★★★: This is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that invests in CNFTs, using the funds from selling NFTs to purchase other NFTs, similar to an NFT investment fund. The Rats DAO NFT itself serves as the governance credential for this DAO. Currently, the project has not yet become a fully functional DAO, as the development of the related smart contract platform is not an overnight task. The project has already conducted one token airdrop, and there is said to be another one in the future.

  3. Ada Handle ★★★: This is a solution based on NFTs for simplifying and personalizing Cardano wallet addresses. Currently, the practicality of this project is not great, but its future looks promising.

  4. Purple & Green Founder ★★: A Play to Earn project. As far as I know, the testing progress is going well, and further development will need to be observed.

Note: The translations of project names and ratings are for reference only and may vary in different contexts.

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