Enable Rime to support mixed input of Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

I have always found it interesting to mix simplified and traditional Chinese characters. Recently, I discovered a ready-made solution that allows Rime input method to achieve mixed input of simplified and traditional characters.

This solution comes from CSDN, but we don't need to go through the same process, just use the resulting lexicon:

It's very simple to use, after decompression, place it in the user folder of RIME, and then deploy it to use.


Personally, I only use some of the lexicons, after all, I don't use Wubi input method. Here's a record for future reference if needed.

  • Copy the first 2 files starting with clover and the first 11 files starting with THUOCL to the user folder.
  • Then import these lexicons into the main lexicon, by adding the following entries under import_tables: in the corresponding yaml file:
    - clover.base
    - clover.phrase
    - THUOCL_animal
    - THUOCL_caijing
    - THUOCL_car
    - THUOCL_chengyu
    - THUOCL_diming
    - THUOCL_food
    - THUOCL_law
    - THUOCL_lishimingren
    - THUOCL_medical
    - THUOCL_poem
  • Comment out the following in double_pinyin_flypy.schema.yaml:
    - name: simplification
      states: [ 漢字, 汉字 ]
      - simplifier
      - uniquifier

If you need to separate simplified and traditional input later, you can uncomment the above entries.

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